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Jukova Corporation Oy, a Finnish private limited company, provides turn-key deliveries or easy-to-install solutions for the leisure boating, street furniture (Jukova Brands), rolling stock (Décorian) and marine (Meridian) industries. We have also an in-house aluminum foundry organized providing aluminum castings under the Jukova Brands business area. The company runs also an own business incubator concept (New Ventures), the purpose of which is to integrate cleantech solutions into the three other business areas.

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Did you know that we

  • run our own business incubator (New Ventures)?
  • deliver floor-to-floor interior systems for the rolling stock industry? 
  • provide sales engineering services - free of charge?
  • have more than 50 years of foundry experience?

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Jukova Corporation Oy
Jukovantie 20
21430 Yliskulma

Tel. +358 10 474 444
Fax +358 10 474 4290

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