Jukova continues its business operations in all areas with new ownership. All Jukova’s operative functions have been acquired by a new company, Jukova Corporation Oy, on 23 September 2015. The transaction was made between Jukova’s bankruptcy estate and Jukova Corporation Oy. The new company employs some 50 people and the cumulative effect on employment through business networks is at least 100 man-years. Jukova is located in Lieto, Finland approximately 150km from the capital Helsinki.

Mr. Markus Pastinen, age 44, has been appointed as Managing Director of Jukova Corporation Oy. Mr. Pastinen has a doctoral degree in technology and is well known for his visionary work in the field of process and company network improvement in Finland. He has been involved in numerous organisational improvement projects internationally. His book titled “High-Performance Process Improvement” has been globally published by the German publisher Springer Verlag (Berlin/Heidelberg) in 2010.

The Chairman of the Board Mr. Jari Koskinen, age 55, is Doctor of Economics and one of the founding partners of Vacon Plc. He has been part of Vacon’s Management Team and Board of Directors for several years. Mr. Koskinen was responsible for Vacon’s production and sourcing activities globally, and he has also been acting as Managing Director of Vacon’s Chinese operations. His doctoral dissertation “A Dynamic Business Model for High-Tech Industry in a Global Environment” presents concepts and business models that constitute a great amount of Vacon’s critical success factors.

The new owners of Jukova Corporation Oy include three founders or key persons of Vacon Plc who all have a strong industrial background, and many key persons of Jukova Oy. Jukova Corporation Oy continues business in all areas, and will integrate its customer service more deeply with customers’ processes and business objectives. The target of the company is to better understand customer expectations, and based on this improve key internal and external processes for the delight of the customers, employees and owners.

Jukova’s business operations have been based on aluminium products and project solutions for a variety of industrial customers. Jukova Corporation Oy is aiming at a significant growth in the international market, especially in the railway and marine sectors. An investment program will be deployed and executed during the years to come. This program will focus on developing new solutions and products, aligned with continuously competitive high-performance processes and networks.

We are more than delighted to answer any questions related to subject, and kindly invite new and old customers to take part in this exciting journey. Please contact:

Jukova Corporation Oy

Chairman of the Board
Jari Koskinen
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+358 40837 1217

Managing Director
Hannu Suna
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+358 (0)10 474 4249

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  • provide turn-key deliveries for the maritime industry?
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  • have more than 50 years of foundry experience?

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