We Deliver Turn-Key Balcony Systems and Public Area Glazings

We provide two types of balconies: steel balconies or modular and prefabricated aluminium balconies. The scope of delivery includes also public area glazings. Advantages of our modular balcony system:

  • Weight advantage compared to steel balconies.
  • Superior surface finish; production inside a factory, not onboard.
  • Easier service work.
  • Modern, open, lightweight design.
  • Marketing advantages; looks good in the marketing material.
  • Creates a “value for money experience” for the cruise customer.
  • Possibility for the vessel operator to charge more, e.g. 50-150 €/week, for a classy sea-side balcony compared with a steel balcony.

Steel balconies cost less, which is their main advantage compared with prefabricated Al-balconies.

Did you know that we

  • provide turn-key deliveries for the maritime industry?
  • deliver floor-to-floor interior systems for the rolling stock industry? 
  • provide sales engineering services - free of charge?
  • have more than 50 years of foundry experience?


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