New Ventures

Commercializing New Technologies and Business Opportunities

Our New Ventures Business Area strives to increase the added value within our other business areas. The way we operate include the following steps:

  1. market research, feasibility and business case study, go-no go decision.
  2. setting up a project team to enhance the business opportunity.
  3. acquiring the required technology rights (IPRs), or company, creating the core of the venture.
  4. supporting the venture with needed partnerships, and
  5. integrating the new offering into the existing business areas, and refocusing the soution portfolio if needed.

The technologies are related to cleantech solutions, but can also include other interesting business opportunities with a considerable (global) business potential.

Did you know that we

  • run our own business incubator (New Ventures)?
  • deliver floor-to-floor interior systems for the rolling stock industry? 
  • provide sales engineering services - free of charge?
  • have more than 50 years of foundry experience?

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