Jukova Corporation Oy is proud to announce that it is taking part in Stadler’s major upgrade projects in Sweden.

The comfort upgrade on the X2000 high-speed train fleet for SJ (Sweden’s state-owned passenger train company) has already started in 2018 and is scheduled to be finished by year 2022. As Jukova’s scope of delivery includes Glass walls, Luggage stacks, Room dividers, Support walls and Bistro ceilings for over 220 cars, Jukova plays an important role in the success of the project.

Stadler has also trusted Jukova to deliver luggage stacks for OTU Refurbishment. Stadler’s OTU Refurbishment contract involves replacing and refitting the interior and exterior of 111 trains for the Swedish customers Skånetrafiken, Hallandstrafiken, Transitio and the Danish DSB. Jukova’s deliveries are scheduled for years 2019-2021.

Jukova mukana VR:n Ekstra-luokan uudistusprojektissa / Jukova takes part in the VR Extra class upgrade project

VR lisää liikematkustajien ja työmatkustajien mukavuutta ja uusii 42 Ekstra-luokan osastoa Inter City -junissa. Muutostyöt ovat jo alkaneet ja niiden on tarkoitus jatkua vuoden 2020 kevääseen asti. VR on tehnyt uudistustyön osalta Jukova Corporation Oy:n kanssa sopimuksen, joka kattaa uusien  hattuhyllyjen, matkatavaratelineiden, kiinteiden pöytätasojen sekä tarjoilupisteiden toimittamisen purku- ja asennustöineen kaikkiin vaunuihin.

VR (Finnish State Railways) is investing in the comfort of business travelers and commuters and is rebuilding 42 Extra Class cars on Inter City trains. The work has already begun with scheduled delivery in spring 2020. VR has concluded an agreement with Jukova Corporation Oy for the new luggage racks, luggage stacks, fixed tables and sideboards including demolition and installation work.



Many thanks to STX France and  RCCL as well as to all our partners for good cooperation!

Royal Caribbean will take delivery of the world's largest cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas, at the end of week 12, 2018.

The event will celebrate the handing over of the ship from French shipyard STX France to Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. The ship cost 1.2 billion euros and will be the 13th ship delivered by the shipyard to Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean's fourth Oasis Class cruise ship measures 362 meters long and 66 meters wide, and weighs in at 228,000 gross. Symphony of the Seas will start its inaugural season in the Mediterranean Sea this summer, before arriving in her home port of Miami.

Jukova Corporation Oy is proud to present its contribution to this great project by delivering both outside and inside view balconies.

Jukova wants to take this opportunity to thank STX France and RCCL as well as everyone involved in the project for good cooperation!

It has really been a great pleasure to take part in this magnificient and spectacular project!


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Jukova Corporation Oy has been awarded new IRIS ISO/TS 22163:2917 Certification as the 1st company in Finland! 


IRIS ISO/TS 22163:291 Certificate

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