Markku Junnila founds Junnilan Konepaja ja Valimo Oy (Junnila’s Machine Workshop and Foundry) close to the Lieto railway station. The business started from a garage as a metal parts subcontractor.


Antti Alikirri is hired as the first employee. Antti worked his whole career for the company in different positions was Markku’s trusted person.


The company changes its name to Jukova Oy after acquiring Holm’s foundry business and assets. The company moves to its current location and starts to deliver fittings to busses and other vehicles. Big customers were Autokori Oy, Viima Oy and K. Nummela Oy. The business starts to grow.


The boat building industry starts use increasingly fiberglass and aluminum, which meant new business opportunities. The fittings for leisure boats provided a big new market. There were many skilled and long-term craftsmen producing high-class products, like Kari Seppä, who still (2015) works in the company.


The company expands to a family business with Markku’s daughters Pirkko and Ritva working in the company. Pirkko’s idea-rich and marketing oriented husband Kaj Johansson provides a substantial input to boost the company to international markets and to create export revenue. The company expands by acquiring two competitors in Tampere.


Markku Junnila celebrates his 65th birthday, and he has to decide what to do at the eve of retirement, and after three decades as an entrepreneur. Finland experiences a historical economic upswing and companies were sold and acquired in large volumes. Without much effort Markku sells his company to Rettig to be part of the Colt Division. Jukova Oy becomes an independent company within the Rettig Group. Kaj Johansson becomes the site director at first, but is promoted Managing Director shortly.


The boat market crashes totally. Products were sold very-well in spring but after the summer holidays the leisure boat market was dead. The first customer phone call came in December and it concerned the possibility to return already delivered products.


Kaj Johansson and Erkki Vairinen come up with the idea to start produce street furniture. Jukova Oy got a delivery deal with MaxiMedia (JC DeCaux), and products were delivered also to Denmark and Iceland, besides the Finnish market. Besides known for its al-casting skills, the company gets and reputation for know-how in aluminum profile techniques.


Jukova Oy is becoming more and more known as a turn key supplier responsible for engineering, production and installation of the products. A big order to the Swedish Railways (SJ) provides the route to the international railway business. The expansion is continued by acquiring the Norwegian glass manufacturer Golar. The Turku Yard becomes a big customer, providing balconies, sliding doors, wind shields, and couches and beds to cruise and passenger vessels.


The company is awarded the 1st price in an international competition regarding the innovative application of aluminum profiles in Washington, D.C. The solution concerned a pivotal design of luggage racks for passenger trains.


The company image is sharpened by introducing three business areas: Brand Jukova (traditional al-products), Brand Decorian (interior fittings for the land based passenger industry) and Brand Meridian (turn-key solutions for cruise and passenger vessels). The company has in total 5 different locations in the area of Turku.


The ownership of the company changes as the operative management acquires the majority stake of the company, and Rettig becomes a minority shareholder.


Kaj Johansson leaves the company.


The company hits its all-time high revenue (36 MEUR), and employs some 200 persons. 2/3 of the deliveries go abroad, to some 20 countries.


The financial crisis and wrong decisions puts the company in a negative spin.


The company files for company restructuring.


The company’s restructuring program is accepted.


The restructuring program makes both customers and creditors cautious. The company files for bankruptcy after struggling for three years. A group of investors acquires Jukova Oy’s bankruptcy estate, including all business operations, tangibles and intangibles (IPRs), and continues the Jukova’s business in Jukova Corporation Oy.


Jukova Corporation Oy launches its first production technology investment program, makes its first New Ventures acquisition (Jukolux Oy), and starts to implement its growth strategy.


Did you know that we

  • provide turn-key deliveries for the maritime industry?
  • deliver floor-to-floor interior systems for the rolling stock industry? 
  • provide sales engineering services - free of charge?
  • have more than 50 years of foundry experience?


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