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Our Customers Range From a Handfull to Hundreds Depending on the Business Area

In the marine sector (Meridian) Jukova Corporation Oy works with yards mainly in Western Europe. The market size of the company's marine portfolio is within that region approximately 60 MEUR (2015). In the railway sector (Decorian) the company's main customers are train, metro and tram manufacturers, or refurbishing companies, in Western Europe. The market size of this business area is 200-250 MEUR (2015). Regarding Jukova Brands, the company operates mainly on the Nordic market, with a market size of approximately 30-60 MEUR.

  • The size of the market and market share is actively grown by introducing new products and solutions, and by taking a more active approach to customer interaction and solution selling.
  • The Sales Engineering department provides a new approach to customer interaction, besides the Marketing and Sales.
  • The After Sales supports with new concepts the objectives and strategies.


Did you know that we

  • provide turn-key deliveries for the maritime industry?
  • deliver floor-to-floor interior systems for the rolling stock industry? 
  • provide sales engineering services - free of charge?
  • have more than 50 years of foundry experience?


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